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Maxi dresses/skirts don’t show up to the party.  They arrive.  Any time you feel like making a statement, a maxi dress is your best move.  Even better if your dress is sporting a divine print!!! but even solid color maxis make your presence known. 
A maxi dress is like a blank canvas for any occasion. You can throw on a cute blazer and wear it to work, you can dazzle your friends with an outing to the most happening brunch spot, a maxi can even be worn to the beach.... yes, swapping out your wedges or heels for some trendy stylish flip flop or sandals. Simply put, maxi dresses are the most versatile article of clothing you will ever own!
at Che'Sazi Style Studio, we strive to maintain the classic maxi look but adding our own flare. No matter the trend, maxi dresses always remain popular. Even in the ’70s, they gained popularity because of their simplicity and versatility. 

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